Praesidium - Powered by BioFi

Non-Contact Vital Sign Detection

Technology to protect what matters most to you.

Smart Sleep Technology

Sleep data to optimize human performance in Business/Education and Healing/Recovery, as well as enhance quality of sleep in real time.

Child Safety

Praesidium’s BioFi technology provides assurance to parents and safety to infants and children in their home and on the move.

Remote Vital Sign Monitoring

Revolutionize security through presence detection and enhance chronic disease management in care settings with vital sign tracking and data collection.


Guard, Help, Protect

BioFi Technology

Praesidium’s patented BioFi technology uses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms along with state-of-the-art sensors to find and track human vital signs from a distance, through solid objects, and without any touch or contact with the person being monitored.

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BioFi Sensor Technology

Our Story

Praesidium was founded with the purpose of preventing unnecessary tragedy and making life better and safer. Our story began in the summer of 2016 when a few infant hot car deaths occurred in a short span of time. The realization that these should have been prevented put us into action and gave birth to the vision of a technology that would ultimately be able to detect and monitor signs of life without any touch. We named our company for this purpose. Praesidium is a Latin term meaning to guard, help and protect.

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Our Story

Our Team

The team at Praesidium consists of some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. We have gathered machine learning and radar scientists from NASA and MIT, along with seasoned hardware and software engineers and other core business professionals. Together our team has developed the world’s first accurate and precise non-contact vital sign technology called BioFI. Praesidium’s team of solution oriented and driven individuals share in Praesidium’s core purpose of developing technology to guard, help and protect what matters most to you.

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Praesidium Life Team


Praesidium Inc Announces Closure of Series A Funding

ST. GEORGE, Utah - Praesidium, Inc., a Utah-based company that has developed cutting-edge, non-contact vital sign monitoring technology, announced the closing of a $6 million Series A preferred stock round, with an additional line of credit available for use. The round was led by entities controlled by the Wasatch Group, a Utah-based real estate company with a growing venture portfolio.

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